Organizing Committee


General Co-Chairs:

Luciano Lenzini

University of Pisa, Italy


Rene Cruz



Vice Chair:

Daniele Miorandi

Create-Net Research Association, Italy


Steering Committee Chair:

Imrich Chlamtac

Create-Net Research Association, and University of Trento, Italy


Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Eitan Altman

INRIA, France


Sean Meyn

University of Illinois, US

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Ger Koole

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Rudesindo Nunez Queija

CWI and Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands


Finance Chair:

Karen Decker



Publication Co-Chairs:

Jelena Misic

University of Manitoba, Canada


Charalabos Skianis

Demokritos, Greece


Publicity Co-Chairs:

Giovanni Stea

University of Pisa, Italy


Kejie Lu

University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Sponsorship Chair:

Antonio Prete

University of Pisa, Italy

Local Arrangements Chair:

Linda Martorini

University of Pisa, Italy


Panel Chair:

Özgür Akan

METU, Turkey



Claudio Cicconetti

University of Pisa, Italy