Call for Participation

Download the call for participation here (PDF)

In recent years, a range of performance evaluation methodologies and tools has been developed within disparate research communities for the purposes of evaluation, design, and model reduction. The aim of VALUETOOLS is to build bridges between these communities, bringing theory and practice together in order to:

Conference program
VALUETOOLS will be hosted by University of Pisa, Italy, on October 11-13, 2006.
The detailed program is available here.
The conference features:

Related workshops
The following workshops are held in conjunction with VALUETOOLS 2006:

Early registration deadline is September 11, 2006. Reduced registration fees are available for students and members of ACM, CNR, CREATE-NET, IEEE, INRIA, and University of Pisa. Joint registration to VALUETOOLS and one or more related workshops is also possible for a reduced fee. Detailed registration instructions are available here.