Conference location

VALUETOOLS 2006 will be held at the CNR research area (via G. Moruzzi, 1).
When asking for directions (e.g., if you catch a taxi) just say CNR (italian pronunciation).

How to get there
You can download a map of Pisa including the location of the conference and the social event, the railway station and Piazza dei miracoli (where the Leaning tower is).
A bus transportation service is available for VALUETOOLS'06 attendants between the CNR research area and the following locations: central railway station, Royal Victoria hotel, Bologna hotel, Santacroce in Fossabanda hotel, Repubblica marinara hotel. Please, download the timetable (PDF, one A4 page).

If you get lost, do not panic: Pisa is a small town and everybody knows where the CNR research area is, just ask passersby.

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