Message From the Valuetools Co-Founders


We are very pleased to welcome you all to ValueTools 2006 in the beautiful town of Pisa. Since this is the first edition of ValueTools, we believe it is important to explain its origins. 

Our goal is to bring together colleagues to discuss innovative performance evaluation methodologies and associated tools. The conference is targeted at methodologies and tools rather than at specific solved problems, the latter being the focus of existing conferences.

A rich collection of methodologies and tools have been developed and enhanced by various communities (mainly in computer science, communications and control, operations research, statisticians and mathematics), who publish their ideas and findings in different specialized journals and attend different conferences. A goal of this conference is to build bridges between these communities that often operate in closed groups, with little opportunity for interaction and cross-fertilization.

More than a year ago we began to organize the ValueTools conference to meet the following goals:

1.        Debate emerging performance evaluation methodologies, and promote cross fertilization among the designers of analytic and simulation methodologies.

2.        Harness proposals for new performance evaluation methodologies and associated tools to enable practitioners in various fields

3.        Establish a cooperative connection between industry and academia aimed at reducing the time from conception to implementation of new methodologies.

The ValuteTools conference and five workshops are organized with these goals in mind. The keynote speech will be presented by Professor Peter Glynn, a distinguished researcher on simulation and stochastic models.  A range of invited sessions are organized with talks by leading experts from a range of backgrounds.  The contributed talks contain an equally impressive range of methodologies.  A panel will facilitate debate on these topics.

Although this is the first edition, over 120 papers from 33 different countries were submitted, and approximately 60 were selected for presentation at ValueTools. Of these sixty papers, a small number of particular merit were selected for Performance Evaluation and J.DEDS.

The high number and quality of submitted papers has confirmed our conviction that ValueTools and its workshops have responded to a real need in the scientific community. In response, we have already begun organizing ValueTools 2007 to be  held in France next year. We envisage a long and productive life for ValueTools.

Although we were absolutely delighted to receive 120 submissions, this was certainly an unexpectedly large task for the ValueTools committees. Thanks to the enthusiasm and responsiveness of many people, it was possible to manage this huge task in a short time. Let us take this opportunity to thank them all very much indeed.

A special thanks goes to the TPC members, Referees, and the Local Arrangements Chair, Linda Martorini for her ability to juggle a hundred different things at once, from the banal to the complex. We would also like to thank Claudio Cicconetti for designing, implementing and managing the ValueTools web site and his valuable assistance during the review process. Last but not least, we very much appreciated the support of the ICST staff, particularly Karen Decker and Zita Rozsa; without them, this conference would not have been possible.

We gratefully acknowledge IIT, an institute of the Italian National Research Council, for providing us with a location for the conference.

We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable co-sponsorship of ICST/CreateNet and ACM for providing the electronic version of the proceedings.

We hope that you will find this program interesting and that you will enjoy participating in ValueTools in Pisa as much as we have enjoyed organizing it.

Eitan Altman

Imrich Chlamtac

Luciano Lenzini
(University of Pisa)

Sean Meyn
(University of Illinois)

Daniele Miorandi

Download the speech here (PDF - A4 - two pages).